Heavy Duty Pump Manufacturer

Salient Features

The “ DEV” make DERN / DERB / DERX / DEMS / DEZZ -series Positive Displacement Double Helical ( Herringbone ) Pumps are design in three piece construction has main pump body, front cover and back cover with in-built pressure relief valve . The front cover ( stuffing box ) has extra deep to minimize the leakage. These pumps can supply with mechanical seal type arrangement for leak proof application on special request .The special double helical gears eliminates the axial thrust & prevents trapping of the liquid between the teeth, resulting in maximum pumping efficiency , smooth flow and quite in operation. The pump has large diameter shaft , which eliminate shaft deflection problems and gives maximum bearing life. A special type of T-collar bush bearing arrangement is provided in DERB series pumps. By this the replacement of the bushes is done very easily and quickly by the removing the end covers.

So the wear and tear of the pump body and gears due to play in the bushes can be easily avoided by constant checking of the bushes and easy replacement. The pumps are also supplied with ball or needle roller bearings in DERN Series, if pumping liquid is lube & mineral oil & have Lubrication property. The In built pressure relief valve design does not allow to develop excessive pressure by the pump, if the discharge line is closed. The jacketed features are also available on special request, where liquid has crystallisation or solidifying in nature.

These series gear pumps are available in different sizes and capacity with max. working pressure up to 12 Kg/cm2 from 20 LPM to 2000 LPM with Sizes 15mm to 150mm ( 1/2” to 6” ) Flange End Inline Suction and delivery connections as per ASA#150 Class. Choose Dev Pumps for a trusted Industrial applications.

Technical Specification

Pump Model DER/B/N/X Pump Size RF#ASA150 Pump Speed Capacity
050 – S 15 x 15 1440RPM 8.3 2.2
050 – S 16.6 1.8
050 – L 25.0 6.6
100 – S 25 x 25 33.3 8.8
100 - M 41.5 11.0
100 – L 50.0 13.2
150 – S 40 x 40 83.3 22.0
150 – M 100.0 27.6
150 - L 125.0 33.3
200 – S 50 x 50 150.0 39.0
200 - L 200.0 52.8
250 – S 65 x 65 250.0 66.0
250 – L 333.0 88.0
300 – S 80 x 80 415.0 105.0
300 - L 500.0 132.0
400 – S 100 x 100 666.6 176.0
400 – L 833.3 220.0
500 – S 125 x125 1000.0 264.0
500 – L 1500.0 330.0
600 – S 150 x 150 1660.0 440.0
600 – L 2083.0 550.0

Material of Construction and Parts List

Part No Part Details Standard Design Optional Design on request
1 Pump Body Cast Iron / SG Iron Cast Steel, Gun Metal , Stainless Steel SS-304 / 316
2 Front Cover Cast Iron Cast Steel, Gun Metal , Stainless Steel SS-304 / 316
3 Back Cover Cast Iron Cast Steel, Gun Metal , Stainless Steel SS-304 / 316
4 Shaft En-19 / SAE 8620 Harden & Ground En-31, SS-431 , SS-304 / 316
5 Gears En-24 Nitrided En-31, SS-304 / 316
6 Seal NBR Oil Seal M. Seal / Gland packing
7 Bearings Bronze Needle Roller Bearings / GFT / PEEK
8 PRV Assembly Std. alloy steel Stainless steel SS-304 / SS-316
9 Key MS SS


Model Internal Design & Its Application
DERB Rotary Gear Pump with Bush Bearing design for handling of all types of Oils & Viscous liquids like All Fuel Oils like Light Diesel Oil ( LDO ), Furnace Oil ( FO ), LSHS, High Speed Diesel ( HSD ), Diesel , Mineral Oils Lubricating Oils, Fish and Animal Oils, Vegetable Oils, Tar, Asphalts, Sugar Syrups, Molasses, Starch, Soaps, Silicate, Wood Pulp, Glycol, Glycerine, Honey, Inks, Colours & Paints, Resins, Kerosene, Varnishes and viscous chemicals etc. in all types of industries for intermittent duty .
DERN Rotary Gear Pump with Self Lubricated Needle Roller Bearings lubricate liquid itself for continuous duty Application up to temperature 120*C for pumping all types of lubricating & mineral oils
DERX Rotary Gear Pump with Independent lubricated Needle Roller Bearing Design lubricated externally by oil/Grease for law viscosity or poor lubricating value or containing dirt or impurities such as crude oil, dirty Lube Oil, Furnace Oil, Diesel , HSD, Kerosene etc.
DERBJ Rotary Gear Pump with jacketed Design features . The pump’s main body has Jacket to heat the pumping liquid to make it free flow. These pumps are ideal for liquid having crystallization in nature like Bitumen, Tar, Wax , Heavy Furnace Oil, Resin, Rosin, Cashew oils etc.
DEMS Rotary Gear Pump with Self Lubricated easily replaceable float bush bearing design for lifting of Molasses Transfer , Foam Pressurizing Fire Fighting , Transfer of Co2 Liquid Gas from Road Tanker to Service Tank and Viscous & Non Viscous Thick or Thin Liquid transfer application in chemicals & pharmaceutical industries
DEZX Rotary Gear Pump with bearing support for non-lubricating, law viscous liquids. The Pump’s Shaft has 04 Bearings supports and with 04 Nos. of shaft Seal . Bearings are lubricated externally by Grease Or Lubricating oils
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